Business Accounting and Tax Services

Accurate Arlington Services

Accurate Arlington Services, Inc. provides three main types of services.

  • Tax Preparation
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll

We prepare corporate, individual, partnership, and trust returns for federal reporting purposes and any U.S. state that requires a return. In addition, we can prepare required financial information tax returns from the books and records maintained by the client. In addition, we can prepare financial statements that may be required by your bank or other financing institution.

Payroll tax returns are prepared on a quarterly basis as required by the various government units. The annual tax returns, including W-2s and 1099s, are prepared as required by the government. Electronic filing is available for our individual clients. Refunds are deposited into your individual checking account within 8-14 days from the federal government (assuming that the refund is less than $5,000), rather than waiting weeks for your refunds from a paper return. Payment with your personal check is required before filing electronically.

As part of your service, Accurate Arlington Services, Inc. provides full government representation. If you ever receive a notice from the federal or state government regarding any of the returns we've prepared for you, please fax us a copy and we will respond to you and/or to the government agency within two weeks. This service is preformed free of charge if you are a current customer. If you are not an existing customer, then we will provide this service at a reasonable fee.


In addition, full accounting and payroll services are available through our affiliate, ACCUSERVE.  We can:

  • Provide slling services
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Maintain accounts receivable
  • Maintain cash balances
  • Pay accounts payable
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Prepare payroll
  • Specialized financial services


  • Reduce your bookkeeping costs by up to 50%
  • Increase your bottom-line results
  • Eliminate tax letter "headaches" interest and penalties
  • Provide for all your accounting and tax needs

Monthly financial statements are prepared to properly inform you of the results of your operations.  In addition, we prepare all the necessary returns required by the government agencies, both monthly and annually.  This service allows you to continue to focus on the sales and growth of your company, while we handle your day-to-day accounting needs.